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Rate Packages

Custom Packages available upon request

Travel possible provided all expenses paid

**$100 Non-refundable deposit due**

Deposit can be made in my online store.

Half Day (4 hour booking): $375

3/4th Day (6 hour booking): $550

Full Day (8 hour booking): $750

Hourly rates:

$120 an hour with a two hour minimum. This minimum is only available for shoots booked within 50 miles of my home in Washington, DC. Please contact me for the minimum hourly requirements in other areas.

These rates apply to photographic stills up to Playboy style nudes. If you are interested in shooting fetish, video, and/or erotic work, hiring me for live posing sessions, or would like to book me with multiple artists at once, please send me the project details for a quote.


Info I Need:
In order to make sure that the booking process flows smoothly, please make sure I have all of the following information as soon as possible.

Proposed date and time options
Proposed location
Booking length
Full concept details
Team details

If you need help finding a location or team member I can recommend many throughout the DC/NoVA/MD area.

Please Keep in Mind:
-If there will be additional models and/or photographers present it needs to be discussed up front.

-I am paid for my time on set. I do not stop the timer while you're changing lights, etc. This typically also includes time in the chair if you hired a H/MUA.

-I really appreciate it when you want to feed me, but please let me know so I can fill you in on my dietary restrictions. Fresh fruits, veggies, and water are all great!

Location Work:
-I do not shoot nudes in an area if I deem it unsafe or a high risk of arrest.

-If we're planning to shoot outdoors please have a backup indoor location in case of weather issues. Similarly, let's have a backup outfit or two planned if we're shooting outdoor nudes! :)

-I sometimes shoot in water/rain/snow/etc. If you are planning a shoot around that you must talk to me first. Do not just assume I will be able to handle swimming in 58 degree water without preparations.
I reserve the right to refuse any concept that was not discussed and approved before our shoot, should it fall outside of my personal boundaries.

Cancellation Policy

The 25% deposit is forfeited if you cancel our shoot within 2 weeks of our shoot.
I require half of the agreed upon compensation if you cancel within a week of our shoot date.

The full amount is forfeit for cancellations made within 72 hours.

Please note that for these purposes repeated non-response counts as a last minute cancellation. If you change your mind about our shoot, please message me. Ceasing contact while still having a date booked means that I don't know not to decline other work to keep the date open for you, and I will send you an invoice.

In certain circumstances I may be willing to waive your cancellation fee. Please message me as soon as possible and explain the situation if something crucial comes up. 

Photo: Josh Mills

Hair: Julie Eppard Peltier

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